Phil and BugA retired IT Professional, lover of dragons, father of 2, Phil currently makes his home in the worst state for education:  North Carolina.  Ironic, in a way, since he is currently trying to educate high school youth about how wonderful and not scary Mathematics can be.

Currently experiencing a strong wanderlust, he started this blog as self discovery and to catalog any adventures that should happen to occur on a shoe string budget.

“If the world didn’t suck, we’d fall off.” is the mantra Phil attempts to live by.  Negative things are inevitable and a fact of life.  They tend keep humans honest and humble.  They tend to put things into perspective.  Therefore, they are just as important to the human experience as positive things.  It is counter productive to allow oneself to become bogged down or debilitated due to something negative.  Just roll with it, it must exist.

All pictures found on this blog are taken on his iPhone 6s 8 Plus and are a reflection of the life experience from his eyes.  No guarantees on the quality of writing, Phil isn’t a writer, but at least there will be pictures.