It rained last night…

Not a thunder torrent with wind and lightning just a nice relaxing rain.  The kind of rain where you open your windows, turn out the lights and just contemplate the universe and your place within.

I laid in bed last night doing just that, meditating and reflecting on the positive things in my life.  Recently I found out I’m still employed by the school system.  That means I will have income in the fall which is a good thing.  I have also been able to pull together funds for survival over the summer.  Unfortunately I wont be able to take my trip out west but there is always next year right?

Instead of going west, my daughter and I will be finding an apartment in a neighboring town.  But wait, I’m putting the cart before the horse.  First things first…

IMG_0593My wife of 9 years and I have decided to call it quits.  I’m not even upset or mad about it, she and I are still good friends, I think I’ve moved straight to acceptance at this point.  But it does means some changes of epic proportions.  The house needs to be sold.  Everything needs to be split.  I need to find a place to call home. She is taking all of the dogs except for Hillary who technically is my daughter’s dog.  Unfortunately my daughter’s living space can’t take Hillary which means Hillary needs to find a place to call home too.

If you are keeping count, I need a home and Hillary needs a home.  That’s 2 misplaced souls.  My daughter, who is not misplaced, has one more year of college and would like to spend it along side Hills therefor we both came to the conclusion that, for this school year, we will get an apartment together.  Somewhere that Hills can live out the rest of her short life.  Hills is about 14 now and starting to show her age.  She’s lived with us for about 12 of that 14 years.  She came to us via the pound and has been a squirely, lovable ball of fur since then.  She was originally found (and arrested by the puppy police) running the streets with another boy dog.  The wonderful people at the pound named her Hillary and the boy Bill.  You can see where they were going with that.

I’m excited about the prospect of apartment living and scared as well.  I haven’t lived in an apartment for over 25 years.  Talk about a life changer.  The house I’m living in is too big, too expensive, and too fragile.  I have found it very hard to keep clean and maintained over the years.  It has been an albatross around my neck and I’m happy to see it go regardless of how it goes.  So, only time will tell if this is going to be a positive change.  One things for sure:  Its going to be an adventure.