Who has two thumbs and likes…

Who has two thumbs and likes… kayaking?  Yes, this guy.  I have liked kayaking for a very long time.  I did a course many years ago with the Boy Scouts (as a leader) and was introduced to all kind of kayaks as well as whitewater  and I was hooked.  I just never had the money or time to devote to the sport.  Recently a friend has allowed me to borrow his spare and we went out on a cool North Carolina day.  Below are some of the pictures I managed to snap along the trip.  Enjoy!

It is time to purchase my own.   if you are wondering which kayak I am finally going to buy, it is the Wilderness Systems Aspire 105.  It has plenty of stability and room for a fun day out on the water.  It is also capable of class 1 rapids and, with a lot of luck, can do class 2.  Part one of buying a kayak is deciding which one fits your intentions – check.  Part two involves watching for sales or used kayak – in process.  Part three is to get comfortable and have fun – not started.