7 States in 3 Days

It has been about 5 months since my last post.  Since then things have been looking up.  I signed on with a consulting company and have been up north in training for the past few months. Their goal is to take recent college graduates and make computer programmers out them. I, however, used them to update/upgrade my technical abilities. It was hugely successful and I have recently signed on with a fortune 500 company stationed in Plano, TX.

Of course relocation will be necessary. I will be leaving family and friends for an adventure of the cowboy kind. It is not as far West as I had hoped but the area seems to be a real good area to hang my hat and is listed in the top 8 great areas to retire. 15 (ish) years and counting til my retirement so I am hoping this client is a great place to work and chooses to hire me permanently.

Polar Vortex 2019

For this life change I will be traveling 16 hours through below freezing weather, blistering snow storms, and scary traveling conditions. Just kidding. Yes, the polar vortex this year is a real nasty one but luckily the path of my travels take me below the “OMG” line. My coworkers stationed up north are reporting -21° with -37° windchill. Brrrrrr! Reports of instant frostbite are in the news. It is nasty. Good luck guys, and stay warm!!!

Starting this afternoon I will begin the 16 hour trek to my new home area. I decided to stay in an Air BnB for a month while looking for something more permanent. The apartment list for the area was strange: Great looking apartments with poor ratings. Too “untrue” is the best way to describe it so I decided it would be better to spend a little extra money to stay in a temporary place while looking for a permanent one. This is my first adventure with a BnB. Wish me luck.

Date: 1/30/19
Time: 11:11 am
Location: NC
Temp: 31°