Day 2 (7 States in 3 Days)

I got carried away and drove to Texas today. I am still not due to the BnB until tomorrow so I am sitting in a hotel enjoying my first Texas Taqueria tacos. Yum!!! My favorite traveling companion Bob Ross is here and is as tired as I am.

4) Alabama (Sweet Home)

  • Time: 9:07 am
  • Location: AL
  • Temp: 30°
  • ODO: 92987

5) Mississippi

  • Time: 11:39 am (adjusted for time change)
  • Location: MS
  • Temp: 53°
  • ODO: 93205

6) Louisiana

Unfortunately I was unable to take a Louisiana picture due to construction at the boarder. There was no place to pull over. Instead, enjoy this picture of the Mississippi River which strangely enough was also not accessible due to construction.

  • Time: 2:58 pm
  • Location: LA
  • Temp: 62°
  • ODO: 93366

7) Texas

What is with these states and all the construction at the borders? This picture was taken immediately after construction ended. I was worried a Texas pic would have to be missed too.

  • Time: 4:55 pm
  • Location: TX
  • Temp: 53°
  • ODO: 93558

And now from the “From the Truck Collection”: