Hellooooo World!

dragon100As I face the end of the school year and the reality of a summer without a job I thought it may be a good idea to set up an online presence not hosted from my house.

So, “Hellooooo World!”  I’m ending up my 4th year of teaching math to high schoolers.  While I enjoy teaching, I have become disillusioned with education in general.  I had finally found a school with a strong administration but low students.  A school I really liked but unfortunately my status as an interim teacher caused a significant reduction in pay.  Now as I reach the end of the 2016-2017 school year I find myself penniless and deep in debt facing a summer with no pay.  I may have to say goodbye to the teaching profession for awhile so I can take care of monetary obligations.

There are many options on the table.  I’m writing this blog to document my adventure, whatever it may be.  While this will probably be of no interest to anyone, I’m hoping it proves to be therapeutic to me.