Running is good for the soul.

And its free…as is this blog.  Thank you WordPress.  Running is used by many people for many things.  I use running to clear my head and passively contemplate the beauty in the universe.  I say I run but really its more like a fast jog.  I’m portly and sometimes I get lapped by walkers, but I still “run”.

Today’s run was at a local park called Tanglewood.  As I ran, I thought about the possibility of jumping on my motorcycle and heading west with little to no money in my pocket.  Could one find shelter under the trees when needed?  Could one find gas and cheap food?  I considered rolling into a city in the mid-west, finding a job, sending for my stuff and then settling on the spot.  That was what our ancestors did in the old west.  Families took everything they owned, piled in a wagon, and set off west for a better life.

Isn’t that what we are all searching for?  A better life.  I celebrate those who have already found their “better life”.  I thought I had found mine at one point but as things got more complicated, I felt it slipping from my fingers.  The more you make, the more you spend.  Makes the crash infinitely more painful.  Will moving west bring me happiness or just be pissing in the wind?  That remains to be seen.  Right now, I will just focus on possibilities as I continue to run.